Chris Hua

“Data” “Scientist”

About Me


I’m a data scientist at Quora, passionate about data, helping others, and eating noodles. At Quora, I am on the Ads data science team. Previously, I was a data science intern at Airbnb and at Expedia.

I graduated from Wharton, majoring in statistics and finance, where I was heavily involved with the statistics and data science communities on campus. I love to hike and cook, and am just as comfortable on top of a mountain as in my cramped kitchen.

Email is a good way to get in contact with me - I typically respond during my Caltrain rides.

All opinions are:

  1. correct
  2. strong opinions, weakly held
  3. mine, and do not reflect those of my employer or others who have the misfortune of being associated with me